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Becoming an Informed Consumer of Psychology

Becoming an Informed Consumer of Psychology More in Psychology Basics Psychotherapy Student Resources History and Biographies Theories Phobias Emotions Sleep and Dreaming Whether you realize it or not, you have probably been a consumer of psychology research at some point. Nearly every day, new reports about the findings of the latest psychology studies are broadcast on television, printed in newspapers, shared on social media, or sensationalized on talk shows. Just pick up any popular magazine to see any number of self-help articles that synthesize current psychology research. How can you determine if these reports are credible or not? In order to become a wise consumer of psychology research, you need to learn how to evaluate the various research reports you come into contact with each day. By understanding how to identify trustworthy information, you can become an informed psychology consumer. People tend to believe they could easily spot a fake news story, but research suggests theyre surprisingly bad at it. Learning more about how to identify good sources can help you better separate authoritative and accurate sources from the false and sensationalized. 1. Consider the Source Whenever you read the results of psychology research in popular media sources, you should always consider the original source of the information. Some things to consider: Studies published in professional psychology journals have gone through a rigorous examination process, starting with the original study conducted by a reputable researcher and generally backed by an educational institution, hospital, or other organization. These journals are also peer-reviewed, which means that other psychologists skilled in research methods and statistics have investigated the research prior to publication.Another reason to look at the original source is that many popular reports misinterpret or fail to explain key elements of the findings. Writers and journalists who have little or no experience in research methods may not fully understand how the study was conducted and all of the possible implications of the research. By looking at the study yourself, you can gain a fuller and richer understanding of what the findings mean. 18 Psychology Research Terms to Know 2. Be Skeptical of Sensational or Shocking Claims When evaluating any type of scientific information, skepticism should always be the rule. Some important things to remember as you encounter scientific claims in the media: Remember that the goals of these popular media reports are to garner attention, sell issues, increase ratings, and garner page views.Reporters may focus on particular elements of a study while ignoring other important information that is essential for understanding the results.Statements made by researchers may be used out of context in a way that dramatically overstates the original results of the study. When reviewing a study, be especially wary of claims or findings that seem sensational or unrealistic. 3. Evaluate the Research Methods In order to be a wise consumer of psychology, it is important to understand some of the basics of psychology research. Elements such as operational definitions, random sampling, and research design are important for understanding the final results of a study. For example, a particular study may only look at specific individuals within a population or it may consider only a narrow definition of a particular topic. Both of these factors can play a role in what the findings mean to the general population and how the results can be applied to understanding psychological phenomena. 4. Remember That Anecdotes Do Not Equal Data Be wary of stories or reports that rely solely on anecdotal stories to back up their claims. Just because a small group of individuals has arrived at a similar conclusion does not mean that the population at large shares this view. Scientific research utilizes random sampling and other research methods to help ensure that the results of a study can be generalized to the rest of the population. Any report that relies on a “This is true for me, so it must be true for everyone else” justification should be viewed with skepticism. Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research 5. Consider Who Funded the Research In evaluating psychological research, it is also important to consider the financial backers who supported the study. Funding can come from a variety of sources including government agencies, non-profit groups, and large corporations. Be cautious when the results of a study seem to support the agenda of an organization whose goal is to sell products or convince people to share their viewpoint. While such funding sources do not necessarily invalidate the results of a study, you should always be on the lookout for potential conflicts of interest. 6. Realize That Correlation Does Not Equal Causation Many popular reports of scientific research jump to conclusions and imply causal relationships between variables. A relationship between two variables, however, does not necessarily imply that changes in one cause changes in another. What is Correlation? Some helpful tips: Never assume that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between two factors.Look for key phrases such as researchers have found a connection, research indicates a relationship between and there appears to be a link to help identify correlational research. A Word From Verywell Newspapers, magazines, books, and online sources are full of information about the latest psychological research. In order to determine how trustworthy these reports are, it is important to know how to evaluate the stories you read. While looking up the original study is the best way to assess the information, you can also apply some basic scientific common sense. Be wary of sensationalized claims, watch out for false implications of causation, and remember that skepticism is the rule when evaluating any scientific report. Test Your Knowledge of Psychological Research Methods

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Short Story Walk Down Across America Essay - 1696 Words

Renowned country music star Jimmy Wayne’s autobiography, Walk to Beautiful, tells of Wayne’s times of misfortune before fame which inspired his advocating awareness for foster children in the foster care system. Through the telling of his story and his ultimate walk halfway across America, Wayne hopes to raise awareness for the issues foster children face—especially for those aging out of the foster care system or suffering homelessness. The book shows a world not seen by most people through Wayne’s own heartbreaking and honest story of his difficult childhood. It is an inspiring tale that teaches the importance of â€Å"being somebody† in a foster child’s life. In reading this book, I took away many messages as I was educated on the type of troubles foster children face. The book begins with a prologue describing one of Wayne’s lowest moments of his life when he was living in a foster home, known as Faith Farm, after being abandoned b y his mother. Wayne was at a point where he lost his faith in God, hated his life, would cut himself, and pondered about suicide. With a bleak upbringing and a fortuneless life, it is understandable how a foster child in that position can feel hopeless, lost, and ostracized from society. Wayne’s decision to open with his worst of times is a testament to his understanding of the type of tribulations foster children face that many do not understand or acknowledge. It is a powerful opening which peaked my interest in learning about Jimmy Wayne’sShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Book Grapes Of Wrath 1436 Words   |  6 Pagesfamily as one of the many migrating farming families subjected to prejudice and seclusion on their journey to California. Similarly, in T.C. Boyle’s Tortilla Curtain, Cà ¡ndido and Amà ©rica are victims of animosity and discrimination after fleeing their homes in Mexico to seek a better life in Los Angeles. In their stories, both Boyle and Ste inbeck exhibit how migration can often bring new people into a different society, which can create fear and social stigma with that community. In their novels,Read MoreThere Will Come Soft Rains918 Words   |  4 PagesThere Will Come Soft Rains is a post-apocalyptic story of a single house standing in a city destroyed by nuclear warfare. With the story published in 1950, only five short years had passed from the infamous â€Å"Victory in Japan† commemoration that boomed across the United States celebrating the end of World War II. Although Americans were feeling victorious, they were haunted by the thought of nuclear warfare breaking out and the United States of America facing great repercussions for being the firstRead MoreJoyce Carol Oates Where Are You Going Where Have You Been? as a Coming of Age Story1167 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Coming of Age: Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Joyce Carol Oatess short story Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? is the story of a fifteen-year-old girl named Connie, a pretty girl who is in the middle of a rebellious adolescence. She alienates herself from her family, preferring to spend her time with her friends at the local restaurant looking for boys. She enjoys the popular music of the day and tries to appear older and sophisticated beyond her years when away from herRead MoreEssay on Naturalism and Realism1298 Words   |  6 Pages Beginning in the late 19th century, two separate movements spread across America know as realism and naturalism. While the two were very similar in their beliefs and ideals there were still many apparent distinctions to differentiate the two. Realism and naturalism showed themselves in many aspects of life, from art and sciences to new math techniques and even religion. However, above all else these movements may have been most evident in the literature of this time. Reading through Ameri can literatureRead MoreMy Work Experiences1631 Words   |  7 Pagesexperiences. (150) The Shemagh sat atop hazel locks. The delegate for Saudi Arabia was a young Indian woman. When she sat down, I lifted my placard. At my first Model UN conference, I became Spanish for 2 eye-opening days, despite my Chinese-American background. In fact, I have repeatedly chosen to be the delegate for the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Turkmenistan over China or America. If life is a journey, I travel it on the train that is MUN, and these countries have been my stops. I can explore theRead MoreCompare And Contrast A Rose For Emily And Southern Gothic1629 Words   |  7 Pagesunique to Southern America. Southern gothic style is a style of writing that engages very ugly and ironic events to study the value of the American south and its people. In this essay, I’m going to go over each story and give some details about the authors and their backgrounds. On one page, I will be comparing and contrasting all three stories. I will show how they’re similar through tone, plot, and scene in the story. And at the end, I am going to describe the three stories; â€Å"A Rose for EmilycommaRead MoreShort Story Analysis: Where Are You Going Where Have You Been? by Joyce Carol Oates1375 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Joyce Carol Oatess short story Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? was first published in the literary journal Epoch in 1966. The story is about beginnings and the rites of passage. This work is an illustration of a coming of age story, also known as an initiation story. In such stories, the protagonist undergoes an important rite of passage, transformation, an experience of transition, usually from childhood to adulthood, or from innocence to experience. The story focuses on that turningRead MoreDescriptive Essay : Karate Floor1489 Words   |  6 PagesSince the tender age of 9, my parents dropped me off at Karate America to take Karate lessons. I knew it was where I belonged the moment I step foot onto their â€Å"Karate floor†, which was 8 wrestling mats sprawled across the ground. I was always discouraged to do other sports, I could never throw, catch, or run as well as all the other kids, but I found solace on the Karate floor. Here, it wasn t about whether or not you could throw, the only thing that mattered is if you gave it your all. KarateRead MoreChanges Caused by the Attacks of September 11, 2001 Essay1471 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferent light to the American people on transportation. Due to the attacks of September 11th, 2001, The United States of America are now at war with Iraq and Afghanistan. President Bush declared war on September 20th, 2001, just a few days after the attacks. President Bush says, â€Å"I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.† ( He is speaking about how he and the rest of the world hear the cries of theRead MoreAnalysis Of The Story Sudanese Refugee Valentino Deng1534 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is the What is a piece of literary ventriloquism that not only recounts the harrowing story of Sudanese refugee Valentino Achak Deng, but brings it to life. It makes the audience experience and sympathize with the Lost Boys on their treacherous march through the African desert with the use of details and stories that evoke imagination of the morbidly and wildest kinds. This is accomplished primarily because Valentino provides a personal fa ce to the tragedy. Many people have heard about the civil

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Fast Food Mania Research Paper - 1019 Words

1 Fast Food Mania What ever happened to a home cooked meal? Dinner time in a household was once special and food was prepared by people who actually cared about what they served. About a generation ago, more than half of the meals consumed were prepared at home. Today, a majority of the meals we eat are prepared by strangers who could care less about our health as long as they receive a paycheck. Our fast paced society no longer values the simple things of the past and the food that we eat today is just the tip of the iceberg. I found my mind wondering today as I researched this topic. Despite my opposition, a craving for a McDonald’s cheeseburger gripped my senses and would not let go. Fast food is like a drug and it is all†¦show more content†¦Advertisements for precooked, prepackaged foods are watched, read, and heard by millions of American’s almost every minute of the day. Few fast- food restaurants serve fresh foods straight off the grill. Most of the restaurants receive their food frozen, canned, or freeze-dried. To top it all off, exercise is an endangered species. The average American drives almost everywhere and spends very little time walking. Besides the long-term health risks of a fast-food diet, many restaurant chains receive contaminated food products from poorly ran packaging plants. To keep the prices of meat low, most slaughter houses have moved from big cities to small towns. Instead of hiring skilled workers, these packaging plants usually employ unskilled, untrained, immigrants and teenagers, who greatly increase the risk of food poisoning. Due to indecent handling and improper cattle processing, manure can and does get mixed in with the meat. Our meat is then contaminated with salmonella and Escherichia coli [E. coli]. E. coli is one of the worst types of food poisoning and can be very deadly. Americans suffer physically, emotionally, and financially from fast-food mania. A few corporations have a great deal of power and influence when it pertains to our food supply and jobs. Today, most parents cannot afford to have one parent stay at home and raise the children as in the past. Swamped with debt andShow MoreRelatedThe Social Discourse Of Bipolar Disorder1643 Words   |  7 Pagesto the patients’ family members and others within their support system. Despite these adverse statistics and factors, there are viable, efficacious therapies for both the acute manic episodes as well as the depressive phases. There are a number of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medications for the treatment of all phases of bipolar disorder [8]. The purpose of this review is to examine the evidence on said treatments and to curate and interpret this data so that clinicians can make informedRead MoreDisco Di : A Case Study1993 Words   |  8 Pages Disco Di: A Case Study Submitted by: Minoo Khatami Submission Date: November, 30, 2014 This paper will be dedicated to a case study done on Disco Di. The mental disorders that the patient is suffering from, will be diagnosed and analyzed through different perspectives such as its biological and psychological symptoms, plus its social aspects, in order to better understand and treat the disorders on her file. As it appears on Disco Di’s document she’s currently diagnosed withRead MoreMr Jones Essay1856 Words   |  8 PagesMR. JONES (BIPOLAR DISORDER) GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY ABSTRACT This research paper discusses the movie â€Å"Mr. Jones.† It details the character Mr. Jones and tells about his current psychological condition (bipolar disorder). It further discusses the causes, symptoms, treatment, and ethical issues concerning this disorder. MR JONES Mr. Jones is a movie about a charismatic man who is diagnosed as bipolar and is committed to a psychiatric institution. He is diagnosed incorrectly at first butRead MoreComparative Analysis Pizza Hut and Dominos5433 Words   |  22 PagesMARKETING MANAGEMENT TERM PAPER COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF SUBMITTED TO Ms. Kanika Jhamb SUBMITTED BY junaid nabi Introduction Fast food is one of the world ¶s largest fast growing industry types. India ¶s fast food industry is growing by 40%. The 6000 corer fast food retail industry is mainly dominated by the multinational players and the key players which are active in the research of the food retailing. Because of the availability of raw material for fast food, global chains are flooding intoRead MoreEating Disorders and Free Essays8687 Words   |  35 Pagesï » ¿2 = 2 dfhnmxpd h Free Essays Home | Search Essays | FAQ | Guarantees | Privacy | Lost Essay? | Contact Search Results eating disorder Free Essays Unrated Essays Better Essays Stronger Essays Powerful Essays Term Papers Research Papers Search by keyword: Sort By: Your search returned over 400 essays for eating disorder. To narrow your search results, please add more search terms to your query. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [Next ] These results are sorted by most relevantRead MorePoland s History, Culture, And Social Life2754 Words   |  12 PagesKayla RadfordAnnKassie Trala Dance Poland I chose Poland to research because my heritage is mostly tied to Poland. My father and his side of the family are all from Poland, tracing back the family tree as far as my great grandfather before nothing more can be found on the Trala name. The only trail we have come close to are the names found on headstones in Polish graveyards. Because my dad’s side of the family is very Polish there is never a dull moment. At gatherings and weddings we dance someRead MoreKfc Pest Analysis12891 Words   |  52 Pagesproducts. As in industry, however, KFC’s competitors will include all fast food chains: McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Geno’s, Hardees, Cock n Bull, and Subway etc. KFC occupies a major position in the fast food industry, being the largest seller of chicken products in Pakistan. It captures 50 percent of the total fast food market in the country. KFC wore the title of being the market leader in its industry. Serving delicious and hygienic food in a relaxing environment made KFC everyone’s favorite. Since thenRead MoreMarketing Strategies Of Nestle India For Chocolate Products Essay10181 Words   |  41 PagesLITERATURE REVIEW AND PROBLEM FORMUALTION COMPANY PROFILE †¢ Industrial Scenario †¢ Historical Highlights †¢ Major Products †¢ Marketing Strategies †¢ Distribution network †¢ Brand Loyalty †¢ Market Segmentation and Target Market OBJECTIVES AND RESEARCH METHODOLOGY †¢ Objectives †¢ Methodology ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA †¢ SWOT Analysis FINDINGS/CONCLUSION/RECOMMENDATIONS †¢ Conclusion †¢ Recommendations BIBLIOGRAPHY APPENDIX †¢ Questionnaire INTRODUCTION FMCG companiesRead MoreEssay about Anti-Depressants and Teen Suicide2777 Words   |  12 Pagesillness. There are various ways to treat depression, such as medication, group therapy, and/or herbal supplements. There are pros and cons with each treatment, but the worst coincides with the medication –suicide. Much research has been conducted, which will be discussed in the paper that has shown a link to antidepressants and suicide. However, there is also evidence that the suicide rate could be decreased with proper diagnosis and early, supervised treatment for depression, especially when dealingRead MoreNike Inc.4013 Words   |  17 PagesThe topic that I have chosen to do a research project on is Nike Inc. I chose to do my research on Nike because I am for one, very much interested in Nike, and secondly I am very interested in Nike s clothing, shoes, and accessory line. br brBasketball players want to be like Mike, but shoe companies want to be like NIKE. NIKE is the worlds #1 company and controls more than 40% of the US athletic shoe market. The company designs and sells shoes for just about every sport, including baseball

Did the benefits of Stalin’s economic policies justify their implementation Free Essays

In 1928, Russia was poor and her industry was smaller than many countries. Stalin aimed to transform this and turn Russia into a powerful and strong nation. He wanted to create a modern industry so Russia was less dependent on the western world and could catch up with America. We will write a custom essay sample on Did the benefits of Stalin’s economic policies justify their implementation? or any similar topic only for you Order Now He also wanted to protect Russia so the were military strong in case of war and they had a strong industry capable of producing good armaments so they had defence in case of attack. Stalin aimed to re-organise agriculture to produce food so Russia could trade with Europe and America so they could get money to buy raw materials and machinery. He wanted to feed Russia’s population. Stalin also aimed for Russia to become self-sufficient. In order to develop Russia’s industry rapidly, Stalin organised this planning with the ‘Five-Year Plans’. There were three plans which determined how and when things were produced and how prices and wages were determined. The benefits of these plans were that the production of coal and iron increased quickly. Huge new industrial complexes were built like the Magnitogorsk, the Belomor Canal, railways and motorways. These all were showpieces of Soviet achievement. They had great facilities and steel and iron production was increasing. Defence and armaments grew rapidly also. Transport and communications grew and electricity production expanded. Overall industrial output went up by over 50% and Russia became the second in gross industrial output worldwide. By 1937, Russia was virtually self-sufficient. However, there were economic disadvantages as a result of the ‘Five-Year Plans’. Targets were too high so factories lied about their production levels. Products were bad quality because there was a lack of skilled workers and they didn’t have good equipment. Some industries were over-producing and others under-producing so many factories ran short of materials. Un-skilled workers and ex-peasants made mistakes, but these mistakes weren’t admitted but blamed on ‘wreckers’ and ‘saboteurs’. Oil production failed to meet targets and led to fuel crisis. The lack of skilled workers created instability because they were constantly changing jobs. The effects on the people as a result of the ‘Five-Year Plans’ were very bad. In the building of the Magnitogorsk, working conditions was dangerous. The workers got little food, and the bubonic plague was common. Vermin and bed bugs were at risk also. Sanitary conditions and heat was intolerable. It was a bad organisation of labour. Workers were paid minimum wages and food was rationed but it improved by the mid-1930s. There were millions of peasants so housing became impossible. Most families had to live in overcrowded shabby buildings. There was also a shortage of clothing and consumer goods. Many peasants were sent to Gulag (a force labour camp) if they did not fulfil Stalin’s wishes. Collectivisation was a method of farming to make it more efficient in which people can use more machinery. It was the Socialist way to farm the land. The idea was that the peasants’ would share their land and work together to form a collective farm. All the grain produced was shared also. This was an easy method for the state to get grain. The grain needed for industrialisation was obtained because a lot was produced rapidly. Wheat, cotton and vineyards were increasing by more than 600 hectares also. Overall more food was produced and it was easier to introduce modern machinery. Tractors began to be produced in quantities and the ‘economies of scale’ method started. Generally, agricultural production rose. However, collectivisation had its disadvantages. If peasants refused to join the collective, they were shot by activists or sent to Gulag. This caused violence to erupt and riots occurred. There were severe food shortages although food was being exported from Russia to other countries. A lot of disruption was caused to agriculture and there was disastrous harvest. The result of this was famine, which the state never admitted existed. Stalin began to demand gangs to take the small amount of grain, which was kept in stores or left to rot whilst people starved to death. Russia eventually did become an industrially modernised nation. Although there was terrible famine and kulaks (rich peasants) suffered, most people benefited. Large complexes were made, there were good facilities and agriculture had improved. Russia became self-sufficient and independent. Te human costs were high as many people died because of the famine and living conditions. But Hitler became a threat and Russia didn’t have enough protection in case of war. How to cite Did the benefits of Stalin’s economic policies justify their implementation?, Papers

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Martin Luther King Junior Essays - Anglican Saints,

Martin Luther King Junior On a typical day in 1929 a man was born. A man that would follow in his fathers footsteps to become a great American leader. Not only a leader, but also someone that would inspire people of all generations. A man that cared about his fellow people and would not give up for anything. He would try to fight. Try to win. Try to claim peace for our world. This man is the one and only Martin Luther King Junior. This man is one of history's best-loved and honored inspirations. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Martin Luther King Junior was brought into our world with what seemed as though a candle burning in his heart. Flickering to achieve goals, and giving light and love to our fellow people. As a child he would live a life that to him wasn't fit for him. His friends seemed to be only people that looked the same as him. The same skin color. During the early days of his life, he couldn't understand why. Although he only talked to people of his own race he was satisfied, but not for long. As he grew older he began to understand. He was finally realizing why he was trapped behind the wall of prejudice. The thoughts in his mind began to expand into a world that was impossible to live with. He began to struggle in school and daily life at home. His thoughts were locked on only one target. Martin Luther King Junior graduated from Morehouse College in Georgia in 1948 and he was ready to take responsibilities like an adult. 3 years later in 1955 he graduated from Crozer Theological Seminary. His parents loved his great learning abilities but often expected more from him. They were proud yet commanding. He studied hard to make his parents proud, but he felt that it was also a huge benefit for him as well. He took a Ph.D. from Boston University in 1955 and was on the highway to success. He had a good education, a steady family, and that was not all. While going to school at Boston University Martin Luther King Junior met his future wife. He didn't know the true meaning of love until he found her. His life changed, and would never again be the same. Along with a new wife new responsibilities. Coretta Scott and Martin Luther King Junior wed. Shortly after their marriage they had four kids together. In Martin's opinion, he was the luckiest man in the world. To him nothing could be better than a healthy happy marriage, and healthy happy kids. He had his life laid out like a sleeping bag. If you think back on the life that Martin Luther King lived, he gave his heart and soul into what he believed, and he wouldn't give up until he achieved his goal that was on the top of his list. I'm sure that his list was very long list, and I know that in his lifetime he achieved every single one of them. I truly see how Martin Luther King Junior is a remarkable piece of history, and that he is an inspiration for freedom. In 1953 Martin became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery. He decided that fighting for what he believed in was the right thing to do. In 1957 Martin Luther King Junior was chosen to be president of the newly formed Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Formally known as SCLC. He began to

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english villan story draft Essay examples

english villan story draft Essay examples english villan story draft Essay examples â€Å"The island of Malekula used to be a happy place, a fantastic holiday destination, one of worlds best. â€Å"â€Å"There would be song and dance around the glowing campfires, with the embers that put on a show of their own.† â€Å"There was seafood just taken, fresh from the oceans mouth.† â€Å"Fruit that was so ripe and sweet you would devour it in two seconds flat. â€Å" â€Å"There was the dreamy surroundings, the smiling locals, the grains of refined sand between your toes, and the warm silky, salty ocean water.† â€Å"Its tones of bubbly berry blues would glisten during the day and night.† â€Å"These islands were a dream come true†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å" â€Å"So the legend goes, that some years ago, a mysterious plague swept through the island of Malekula. â€Å" â€Å"No one knew how this plague was triggered.† â€Å" But this is what we do know.† â€Å"It was a dark misty night; the islands were sleeping, as were the people.† A long foreign figure twisted and turned through the whistling trees.† â€Å" Was this the cause, culprit? We still don’t know.† â€Å"The police and FBI have been to investigate.† â€Å"The foreign figure couldn’t be found, and they never returned from the island. â€Å" â€Å"The only footage was filmed by one of the police, before he got under the strength of the plague and fell to his death.† â€Å"The footage filmed, was an angelic, innocent child.† â€Å"She lay, collapsed on the floor, pale. Dead. Lifeless†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"No one since has gone back to investigate this case, but we need someone to solve it. Do we have any volunteers? A hero? â€Å" â€Å"Mr Chaply?† †¦Ã¢â‚¬Å" Yes thankyou Cleo, I will take this case† This is how Mr Chaply got in this position, he agreed to take this case, he was going to prove he could be a hero. Of course he did not ideally look like a hero, with his freckled face, glasses so round and thick they could pass for the bottom of coke bottles. His thin frame washed out skin and his curly brown locks. But here he was now, pulling up in a creaky, rusted Tinny. All suited up, his black briefcase in hand, stepping out onto the island of Malekula. Chaply muttered, through his chattering teeth, like a chimp â€Å" Oh, g-g-g-gee†, â€Å" Well th-this is nice†, â€Å" And sc- sc-scary.† â€Å" I must look like a fr-fr-fr-fruity talking to myself!† â€Å" Not that there’s anyone alive on this island to,

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How to Convert Nanometers to Angstroms

How to Convert Nanometers to Angstroms This example problem demonstrates how to convert nanometers to angstroms. Nanometers (nm) and angstroms  (Ã…) are both linear measurements used to express extremely small distances. Conversion Problem The spectra  of the element mercury have a bright green line with a wavelength of 546.047 nm. What is the wavelength of this light in angstroms? Solution 1 nm 10-9 m1 Ã… 10-10 m Set up the conversion so the desired unit will be canceled out. In this case, we want angstroms to the remaining unit. wavelength in Ã… (wavelength in nm) x (1 Ã…/10-10 m) x (10-9 m/1 nm)wavelength in Ã… (wavelength in nm) x (10-9/10-10) Aring/nm)wavelength in Ã… (wavelength in nm) x (10 Aring/nm)wavelength in Ã… (546.047 x 10) Ã…wavelength in Ã… 5460.47 Ã… Answer The green line in mercurys spectra has a wavelength of 5460.47 Ã… It may be easier to remember there are 10 angstroms in 1 nanometer. This would mean a conversion from nanometers to angstroms would mean moving the decimal place one place to the right.